The dream…

Some nightstands I’m designing for a couple in Portland, OR. In development.

The $100k logo… whipped this up for a logo design contest. My less than positive opinions on design contests aside, I was pretty happy with how this came together.

L-shaped work desk made from reclaimed Boeing packing material wood + iron pipe. Features a swing-out extension / hideaway shelf, built-in storage made from old bank safe deposit boxes, as well as cord-routing hooks underneath.

Logo concept. Part of the identity for a new Aetna sub-brand for Medicare services.

Last view before ascending into the clouds.

All wood stagger step cedar bookshelf.

Dining table made from reclaimed Boeing wooden packing materials and standard pipes / fittings.

Degreaser 13 lined up and ready to go!

Had some time while visiting family last winter... and luckily one professional typeface I installed on their computer years ago.

Another undergrad project. This time a poster for an imagined concert and camping event at a venue on the Cape Cod National Seashore. It all came together when I found the dune-wave featured in the poster at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA.

Dusted off this oldie but goodie from my college days today. I originally chose this subject for my senior thesis project as a bit of a goof, but after digging up a surprisingly large amount of well organized and thought-provoking information, I decided to present the information as an unbiased guide. I remain fascinated with the subject and the human need to believe in things beyond themselves, a need for the unknown.